Looking for Child Care?  Don't know where to begin?

The Cost of Child Care: Know Your Options

By Danielle Kiser

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Parents want the best for their children and do their best to provide safety, joy and learning at all age levels. They also want to know these needs are met when they can’t be with their children. Most parents need child care at some time, but deciding who will care for your child is complicated and personal.


From traditional to innovative, there are many different types of child care available and several factors to consider when making a choice for your family. What’s more, child care is expensive, plain and simple. This guide was created to help parents make informed decisions about child care and understand the financial implications of your decision. With a structured approach, asking the right questions and assessing your individual needs, you can find a child care provider that works for your family.


In this article:

  • How Much Does Child Care Cost?
  • Child Care Options
  • How do I pay for Child Care?
  • Private Payment
  • COVID-19 Child Care Considerations
  • Creative Insight on Child Care
  • Child Care Resources by State
  • Additional Child Care Resources


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